Rebeca Méndez

Rebeca Méndez awarded The Medal of AIGA (2017-02-03)


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Art Center College of Design Catalog, 1995–96, 1995. 10 × 7.125 inches “…The clear favorite became apparent early in the proceedings. The Art Center’s 1995–1996 catalogue seemed to distill many of the themes running through the Graphics category in one coherent form. Its playfully distressed type and half-destroyed appearance evoked that “last gasp of print,” as Fella put it, but it also functioned admirably as an advertisement for the school. “The catalogue seems like a culmination of developments in design over the last few years,” Miller concluded, “and I think that’s what’s appealing. I haven’t seen anything that looks like The New Thing, but this piece speaks out loudly as a kind of summation.” Excerpt: I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review 1995, Print Jury Report (Jurors Barbara Kuhr, Ed Fella, J.Abbott Miller, moderator Peter Hall)

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