Rebeca Méndez

Circumpolar (2010)


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Circumpolar, Poster, 2010. Front Side. Size: 120 × 170 cm. Images taken from Méndez’s video artwork Recurrence Relation #1, 2008.
Text reads:


A solo flight,
From North Pole to South Pole and back again,
Boreal Summer to Austral Summer,
520 kilometers a day, 70,900 kilometers total,
Leave the Arctic in August and travel 80 days south,
Fuel up on food for a month in the Mid Atlantic,
Traverse the west coast of Africa to the east coast of Brazil,
Arrive in the Great Southern Ocean,
For 150 days circumnavigate the Antarctic continent,
Leave in April and travel 40 days north,
Pass the Equator and catch the trade winds,
Return to the Arctic in June to breed,
80 days later, as the days grow shorter
take flight south again,
And live the most daylight of
any creature in the world.

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